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CRM implementation
Legal support
Staff recruitment
Registration of the company

We will help you to register your company in the state bodies

The state registration is necessary for the official work of the company in Russia. It is a routine process where it is easy to make many mistakes. We carefully study your task and help you to avoid any of them: during the documents’ submission, drafting of the statutes and contracts, choosing the organizational and legal form, and so on.

Our actions during the state registration of your company:

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  • Prepare the necessary documents
  • Help to choose the institutional-legal form
  • Open the current account
  • Select the classification of economic activities (OKVED)
  • Define the size of the authorized capital
  • Prepare the statute
  • Help to choose the tax system
  • Assist in the registration in PFR (Pension Fund of Russia) and SIF (Social Insurance Fund)

Select the staff

If you want to find a good employee, it is necessary to identify the requirements and platforms for search, appoint performers from among the company's employees (they will have to fulfill their duties in parallel), place an ad for recruitment, study several dozens or hundreds resumes, organize and conduct the interviews, create the job-offers and send them to the applicants, test the candidates, check their professional skills and only after that you can make the final choice. We will take care of this task, select the right specialists for you and give you the first candidates within 72 hours!

For which fields of activities can we find the employees?

Medicine, pharmaceutics
Marketing, advertising, promotion
Office employees
Accounting, financial services
Communications with the customers

We will provide the legal assistance

Any interaction with clients, partners, the state and employees must be confirmed by means of the properly issued documents. If they have any errors, there is a huge risk of fraud, fines, lawsuits and other disputes. Our task is to provide you with legal support, correct and not allow any further shortcomings in the documentation and minimize any legal risks.

In terms of the legal
assistance we will

  • Sign any contracts and conduct their legal expertise; 01
  • Help to collect the account receivable; 02
  • Consult on the legal issues; 03
  • Organize the personnel records; 04
  • Settle the disputes with the clients and employees; 05
  • Check the company's documentation; 06
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We will take care of the accounting

Document management, receipt of the primary documentation, drafting and working with the accounts, correct calculation of taxes and submission of reports on time are your tasks that we can perform.We can help you to organize the competent work with finances in your company and to avoid unnecessary losses.

What can we take over in your business?

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  • Primary accounting;
  • Taxes optimization;
  • Banking issues;
  • Operations with the fixed assets and intangible assets;
  • Control of settlings with the suppliers and contractors;
  • Calculation of proceeds from sale of goods, works and services;
  • Tracking of expenses of future periods;
  • Calculation of the salary budget;
  • Treasury management;
  • Financial analytics and processes.

What can we do within the interaction with clients?

Take your customers’ calls
Support the sales
Conduct the consultations
Interview the clients
Make the cold calling
Update the customer base
Process the complaints
Help to create a turnkey online store

Communications with your clients

Interaction with the key customers is your task. Our goal in this case is to provide a backup for you if necessary and to take calls when you can not do it, for example, when there are too many of them, on weekends, holidays, or during off hours. Loss of calls means loss of customers. We will help you to keep the potential buyers of your goods and services, and increase the company's profit.

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We will develop and implement a marketing strategy

We will carry out the market research, interview the target audience, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your goods and services, develop and implement an advertising campaign through various channels of interaction with customers - we will do our best to increase the level of your sales.

  • We use the experience of our marketers to attract new customers to your company through various (at least 10) channels of communication with the buyers of goods and services; 01
  • We carry out the marketing research, identify the strengths of your products and services, analyze the target audience 02
  • Develop and implement the advertising campaigns; 03
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We will render services on IT-outsourcing

If there are some problems, our specialists will diagnose the computer systems, install servers and assemble new PCs, help with the anti-virus protection and the attacks liquidation, configure 1C, install video surveillance, configure special software, implement IP telephony and CRM systems in your enterprise.

Our actions within the IT-outsourcing:

Diagnostics and troubleshooting01

If there are some problems with your computer systems, we will carry out their diagnostics and will optimize their operation.

Installation of the servers and the PCs assembling02

We will help with the installation of servers and the assembly of personal computers.

Antivirus protection03

We will establish the optimal tools for antivirus protection, destroy the viruses and fix their consequences.

Set up special software04

We will configure 1C, and help with the configuration of other special software required for the operation of your company.

Implementation of the VoIP and CRM-systems05

Our IT-specialists will take care of the VoIP and CRM-systems implementation into your business.

Video surveillance system installation06

We will help you to make a choice and undertake the installation of the video surveillance system.

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We will implement the CRM-system in your business and conduct its integration with IP-telephony and 1C

CRM-system in the company will increase the sales level, will help you to monitor the employees’ work, to optimize business processes and to get the convenient access to information about the customers and transactions.

Using the CRM-system you will get such functions as:

  • Sales funnel;
  • Discussion of the work issues within CRM;
  • Integration of e-mail, SMS-services, VoIP, and 1C;
  • Notifications about tasks and objectives;
  • Reports on sales and the plan implementation;
  • And more other functions which will simplify your business.
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