Service of the orders’ creation and processing in two weeks!

Which activities is the service of the orders’ creation and processing needed for?

Taxi service

If your company conducts a taxi service, we are ready to take your clients’ orders, to find out all the necessary information and to register the applications in your order processing system, and then to supervise and distribute the orders.

Online stores

If your business is an online store, the orders’ processing will become much easier. The customer can make an order in any way he likes, we will contact him to find out the details, and transfer it to your specialists, and track the order’s status.

Service companies

If you are occupied with the repair and maintenance of various technical means, we will help the client to choose the specialist, the convenient time, and announce the price of the work. We will bring all the information to your system and supervise the appointments of your clients with you.

Medical organizations

Our company will help the patients of your medical organization to choose the proper specialist and the convenient time. We will also announce the cost of the appointment or service, bring all the information to your system and supervise the appointments.

Tourist companies

Do you have an influx of customers and your service of the calls reception and processing cannot cope with it? Entrust the work with applications to us. We will answer all the questions of those wishing to use your services and tell them about the special offers of your company. We will form the appeals of future tourists in your system. This way of interaction will facilitate your work and allow you to make many tourists happy.

Food delivery and catering organizations

Are youengaged in the food delivery or do you manage a restaurant complex? We are ready to help you in receiving and processing the calls. We will take orders from your customers, reserve places and pass on the information to your employees, as well as monitor the status of booking and delivery of orders.

Insurance and legal organizations

Do you have a large flow of the customers’enquiries and no time to answer phone calls? Entrust this to us! We will process all the incoming applications, enter the data about them into your system, answer the FAQs or transfer the call to your specialist.

Passengerscarriage companies

We will help your clients to book the tickets for air and other means of transport, as well as to collect all the necessary information about the client, fill in all the necessary data and help to draw up the required documents.

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How will your orders’
service work?

The calls’ reception and getting all the necessary information from the client
We will answer your customer's call and find out all the information necessary to make the order
Fixing the orders on your corporate network and CRM
We will connect to your CRM-system, andinput all the necessary data for the order, after which your specialists will be able to deal with its preparation and delivery
Monitoring of the order up to delivery to the client
We will update the information on the delivery and the relevance of the order, as well as keep the customer informed until the moment of receipt
Collecting the feedback from the client
We will find out the client’s opinion about the product, its pros and cons, and also tell him about other offers of your company
Using the upsell and cross-sell
We will use special marketing tools to raise the sales of your company, offering the customer to purchase goods at a higher price or additional accessories to those already selected

How does the implementation work?

We discuss with you all the features of your project implementation


We carry out all the necessary technical work together with your technical specialists


We create with you the scripts and conversation patterns


We train your operators


We allocate special telephone numbers, which will be assigned to your service of receiving orders


We start taking calls from your customers and transfer orders to the specialists of your company


Find out the cost of the implementation of the service of receiving and processing orders into your business

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What will we do to make you work
with comfort and get a high profit?

We will answer the calls of your customers quickly
You can’t let the customer wait. A fast answer is aguarantee of an order’s successful completion.
We will follow all the rules of business communication and corporate ethics of your company
Our operators will be polite, tactful and attentive during the communication with the customer, they will not lose any important information and will leave the client satisfied.
We will collect the full statistics and provide reports on our work
In the course of the work, we will monitor the quality of customer service to increase the number of orders and number of the regular customers.
We will train the employees ourselves, to save your time and money
You will not train the employees at your own expense. We willdo it for you andwe will assemble a team of professionals that will serve your customers at the highest level.
We will take calls from your clients 24/7 without any breaks and days off
It is not important for us when the clientcalls, in the middle of a day or at night, the operator answers the call in any case. He will take the order and inform the client about the promotions and offers of your company.

Be confident in your service of reception and processing of orders

The orders will be taken without interruptions
Your service of the orders’ reception and processing will work 24/7, without any breaks and days off, so that the customer can make an order at any time.
The quality of the operators' work will be under constant control
The supervisors monitor the operators’ work. They can not only look at the statistics of work, but also connect to any telephone conversation to give clues and recommendations that the operator will hear, but the client will not.
Your company’s information will be under a reliable protection
You can be sure of your data security, none of your company information will be passed to the third parties. We will also sign a non-disclosure agreement with your company.
Delivery of the order to the client will be controlled by our employees
The operator will track the status of the order and its delivery and inform the client of all the necessary data.
Load on the orders reception service won’t be a problem
Our contact center is capable of processing more than 100 calls simultaneously, which will allow us to serve all your customers without errors, interference and long waiting times.