What employees
are we ready to find for you:

Mid- and top-level managers


Leading specialists


Representatives of rare or scarce professions


Employees who need to combine several professions


Line personnel subjected to a wider range of requirements


Why will our cooperation be effective?

The best professionals for you

We are sure that your employees should earn profit for your company. Taking into consideration the specifics of your business and your clients, we will find the best professionals for you. All you have to do is to choose the most worthy. Our candidates earn the real profit, and not just get their salary.

We will save up to 70% of your time and we will reduce the recruitment cost to 25%

The portfolio of the candidate will help you to make a choice and will save your time. It contains: the personal data of the applicant, the forecast of the employee’s development in the company, information about his work experience, achievements and results, strengths and weaknesses, and possible risks.

Our candidates pass a special course on motivation to work in your company.

Having received new tasks within the company, they understand its specifics. Conditions, requirements, development prospects, goals and expected results. You will get a candidate who is loyal to the company and the administration.

The costs will return as a profit

Our candidates within two months begin to:
— Earn profit to the company,
— Improve the performance indicators,
— Reduce costs;
— Achieve the goals.

How do we

From the inquiry to the order!

We agree with you on all the necessary requirements for applicants, discuss the terms and conditions, the communication channels in the selection process and assessment criteria, and identify the decision makers.


We will start recruiting immediately after the signing up the contract. We guarantee the fulfillment of obligations by 100%. We are ready to provide the first results on the third day.

Express-selection. The first results.

The first candidates meet the basic criteria and are ready to begin a professional assessment.

Professional tests and key-tasks

These are created together with the representative of the customer. Tasks take into account the specifics of your business, product, market, customers, business processes, etc.

Initial express-interviews and the screening

We conduct a number of interviews with the applicants and check them by 5-7 key criteria.

Specialized interviews

Structured interview gives a comparative assessment of the following parameters: personal characteristics - communicative skills - business qualities - motivation - management skills and knowledge - structure of thinking and decision-making - emotions - other features that affect efficiency in work.

Final selection

Portfolio of each candidate will save your time and help you to choose the best. The portfolio consists of the following sections: general information on the candidate, vocational training and professional development, professional experience (dynamics, development, achievements, etc.), personality and business characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities, recommendations during the adaptation period , the rating in accordance with the requirements for the position (for each criteria).

Interview with a customer

If necessary, we help in the preparation and execution, as well as in determining the grounds for choosing a candidate.

Choice of the best

We have the possibility to replace the candidate within the warranty period.

We will find the best candidates for your company! First candidates in 24 hours!

Leave your phone number and our specialist will contact you soon

Your application successfully

We will contact you within 15 minutes!


Screening of the candidate’s personal information (from three to ten sources)

Reliability of sources and cross-sectional analysis of information forms a structural portrait of the candidate.

Why our candidates are focused on the result and bring profit, and not satisfied with only the salary:



In its terms, we assess the personal and business qualities and professional skills of the candidate through a system of evaluation activities with involvement of experts.


Assessment of the specific skills and characteristics affecting the professional effectiveness

At such checks we use different tasks, smart maps, psychophysiological tests and other materials that help to make a more complete characteristic of the candidate.


Tests. Modeling of the professional situations. Cases decision.

Candidates are offered a number of tests, professional situations and practical cases that allow them to assess their skills and knowledge (including management ones). Cases and tests are compiled with the participation of the customer's representative. We take into account the specifics of your business, company, market, customers, product.


Structured interview

Structure of the candidates’ evaluation gives their most accurate and contour portrait. Only a professional can determine the best - those who will bring you profit tomorrow!



Professional websites

We are able to launch a wide funnel of recruiting, while selecting the best.

Direct search

Search for professionals already working in the required professional space.

Recommendations from the professionals and professional networks of contacts

We have an access to the professional communities, as well as an accurate understanding of the specifics of each business area.


Our company has its own database with many applicants who are ready to consider vacancies according to our recommendation, even if they have a job.

Professional ratings

We will find the most successful specialists considering the opinion of professional experts.

Training grounds: business academies, MBA, advanced training

Studying at various business sites, including the independent education, we have contacts of the best students-professionals.

We will select the best professionals for you (specialists, managers) in the following areas:


Marketing, advertising, promotion


Office employees








Accounting, financial services




Medicine, Pharmaceutics


Communications with the customers (service departments, call-centers, account managers, etc.)

And other areas whereyou need the professionals.